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“Put simply, coaching works.” — FORTUNE Magazine

The Backstory

Most of us try to go through our careers like we try to go through most things… alone. We play the “I have to do it by myself” game, forgetting that to win the game actually requires getting others in the game with us. And though we instinctually know this, we continue to waste time, money and opportunities because we keep believing that asking for help is a sign of weakness. I was once just like you. Kept making excuses why I didn’t need help. Why I “could” do it all alone. And in doing so, wasted precious opportunities to create twice the success with half the effort . . .

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Career Development Approach

When we have pain or numbness in our back, most of us know to head to the chiropractor to get an adjustment. But when we experience pain or numbness in our career, we often get stuck with not knowing what to do. However, the solution is the same adjustment process — ALIGNMENT.

Career Alignment is the proper positioning of our individual career aspects in relation to each other. We spend most of our careers over-complicating this alignment process; taking the scenic route to our next empowered step (if we ever find it).

My “IPA” (Individual Professional Alignment) Approach is designed to get your career back in alignment by redefining (and re-creating) the empowered professional you were born to be. Through this approach we identify those aspects of our career that have been herniated, pushed, squeeze-out or otherwise not effectively positioned to work with the rest of our career aspects.

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Career Coaching Tracks

My coaching services help business professionals access a remarkable level of career performance (and fulfillment) by strategically ALIGNING with what truly matters most in life — our deep sense of purpose. This is a thoughtfully-original and strategic exploration in how to create extraordinary careers by stepping into being the professional you were BORN to be.

Track 1:
Career Clarity

Figuring out what you REALLY want out of your career is perhaps the most challenging inquiry for any business professional. We’ll get you in the game for re-discovering your purpose and how to strategically infuse that purpose into your career vision.

Track 2:
Career Transition

Transitioning careers can be daunting even for the most confident professional. Here you will discover how to transform suffocating risk into liberating opportunity by creating a strategic game plan that won’t have you go broke in the process.

Track 3:
Career Performance

Most professionals waste significant energy being ineffective in their work. Here you will get to the heart of what both drives and challenges you and identify how to shift into being the high-performance professional you were born to be.

What Clients Say

“Mark is a passionate individual who has succeeded professionally and has the drive to help virtually anyone he comes in contact with do the same. Personally he has helped me attain a position (in a relatively short time) with a company that is truly aligned with my personal and business values. He helped me to identify my core strengths and showcase my skills… leveraging them to build a career in a company that is ranked 22nd on Fortune magazine’s list of, “The World’s Most Admired Companies.”
— (Christina B., Executive Team Leader, Target)